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Useful Information For Your Registration

The event is open to Amateur & ELITE athletes over 18 years old.

Under 18 can only compete with the signed permission of their parents / guardians. Athletes can participate in all distances except for those younger than 18 who can only take part in the distance of 1000 meters.

By submitting the application for registration, each athlete or their parents, through the consensus for the kids, declare responsibly that they have studied, and they are fully informed about the circumstances and requirements of this race and have undergone appropriate medical examinations. It frees organizers in advance from any responsibility for their health, accident or even death

By signing up, the participants also give their consent in advance for the creation, by the organizer, of the audiovisual material (video and photos) and its use for the promotion of the event in Greece and abroad. Also, for the publication of the photographic material on the website of the event so that the athletes and all interested persons will be able to acquire this material.

By submitting my details to the event (in any form I fill in with my information), I also give my consent to the organization to use this information to serve my request, but also to export lists of participations in competitions, a list of volunteers, timing results, etc. I also declare that I consent to the communication of the event with me in any way whatsoever the organization deems necessary for my timely information, by means of the details I submitted (e-mail, mail, phone call, sms etc.).

For your participation in the race, it is necessary to show an Athlete's Card or a Medical Certificate from a cardiologist / pathologist

You can download a medical certificate exemple here

Please download from here, the Parents’ written consent for children participation

Register here for XTERRA O.W.S. Races!

2024.1 XTERRA O.W.S. Challenge Events Entry Fees policy


Other terms, cancellations, postponements, registration transfers

    1. Cancellation of participation on the initiative of an athlete and refund, does not exist. It is purely at the discretion of the organizer, the transfer of the amount paid for registration in the same event of the following year or another event and only if the written request of the interested party is received at least 50 days before the event.

    2. If for reasons of force majeure (beyond the powers of the organizer) the event is postponed or canceled, the athletes' money is not lost. Refunds are not made (unless this right has been purchased separately), but the athletes' registrations are automatically and inexpensively transferred to them, on the very next date of the same event. Athletes have the right to request in writing the use of their money in another TRIMORE event.

    3. The athlete has the right to a refund paid for his registration, only in the event of cancellation of the event due to force majeure and only if he has purchased the relevant right for € 14, -. The right of refund concerns the specific event and the total amount paid for its registration in the sports. Returns are completed within 45 days from the scheduled date of the event.

    4. There is no obligation of the organizer to deliver material after the race. Athletes who register and do not arrive at the starting point are not eligible to receive the Athleteskit after the race, as it concerns athletes who stood in the starting line.

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