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In Pool TRIathlon is a simulation of a triathlon race, which takes place in a swimming pool area using swimming paths for the swimming part, spinning bikes for the cycling part and curved treadmills for the running part.

All machines are of very high standards and identical to each other, so as to ensure the integrity in the competition of athletes. These machines are offered by the great sponsor of the event:Fitness ART

TRIMORE Sport Events aims, through these events, to offer athletes the opportunity, in controlled conditions and in the form of training, to compete by measuring their performance in a competitive environment, in periods mainly outside the classic triathlon season. At the same time, TRIMORE Sport Events wishes to give triathlon a developmental character, so that more athletes get the opportunity to try and love the sport, gradually expanding the pool of triathletes of the country.

The event’s duration is about 30-50 minutes, for a 11,6k race (Super Sprint Triathlon category). For spectacularity and competition reasons, the race will take place with start and finish in the pool and intermediate passage from the bikes (twice) and the treadmills (once with double distance).

The event takes place with the co-Organization of the municipality of Haidari, that embraced the idea and contributed greatly to its realization, innovating in the field of triathlon. 

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The event will take place in series of 5 athletes, which will start in waves every 50 minutes.

All athletes who register will receive an update on the start time of their series (based on the following program), without having the choice of a series. The series will be completed by priority, based on the time of Registration (first register First Compete) by gender.

Each athlete must appear at the secretariat of the event 90 minutes before the start of his / her series, so that immediately after the start of the previous series, he / she can start his / her warm up. If this is not possible, he may not be given the opportunity to race.

The programme is the following:

Saturday, July 17 (1η day qualifying races):

  1st series              08:30                     (5 people)
  2nd series             09:20                     (10 people)
  3rd series             10:10                     (15 people)
  4th series             11:00                     (20 people)
  5th series             11:50                     (25 people)
  6th series             12:40                     (30 people)
  7th series             13:30                     (35 people)
  8th series             14:20                     (40 people)
  9th series             15:10                     (45 people)
10th series             16:00                     (50 people)
11th series             16:50                     (55 people)
12th series             17:40                     (60 people)
13th series             18:30                     (65 people)
14th series             19:20                     (70 people)
15th series             20:10                     (75 people)

Sunday, July 18 (2nd day qualifying & final races):

16th series            08:30                     (80 people)
17th series            09:20                     (85 people)
18th series            10:10                     (90 people)
19th series            11:00                     (95 people)
20th series            11:50                   (100 people)
21st series            12:40                   (105 people)
22nd series           13:30                   (110 people)
23th series            14:20                   (115 people)
24th series            15:10                   (120 people)
25th series            16:00                   (125 people)

Women Semi Final   18:00               (for places 6-10)
Men Semi Final         18:40               (for places 6-10)
Women Final             19:30               (for places 1-5)
Men Final                   20:10               (for places1-5)

Awards                       21:00

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Race Info

300m swimming – 4km bicycle – 3km running - 4 km bicycle – 300m swimming

Athletes follow the series of swimming, cycling, running, with no break in between, unless they need to have a break between the parts of the event.

The race starts with water start (from the pole or right next to it), each athlete strictly enters the route set by the organizer. At the end of the first part of the swim the athlete should exit the pool -on the right or left side of the pole - safely. At this point there will be a volunteer, where he will provide assistance - only for lifting, if requested.

Then the athlete, after wiping well with his personal towel, starts the part of the bicycle, for which he has the right to use the special cycling shoes SPD, unless he wishes not to use them.

After completing the cycling part, the athlete steps down from the bicycle and changes shoes – if he wore the SPD shoes – and goes up the aisle to start the running section. It is not recommended to run barefoot, due to the risk of injury.

After completing the running part, another cycling part is repeated in the exact same way.

Finally, the athlete completes the race, with the last part of swimming.

The race is completed when the athlete hits the timer on the wall under the waterboard.

Each athlete will be closely monitored by a judge - appointed by the organization.

For any rule violation there will be a time penalty or cancellation from the race.

In specific areas there will be a water supply station that will have water, energy gels, as well as bananas

Each athlete will be able to be fed at any time he wishes, following a very specific route and without interfering with the other athletes.

Participants can use the special " SPD " shoes or their regular running shoes, simply by turning the pedal on its second face. In the first case (SPD) they have better "bonding" on the bike, thus performance, while in the second case, they do not lose time when moving from bike to run and vice versa.

bike equip 

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Swimming Caps In Pool TRIathlon

Each athlete should bring the following:

  1. Spd shoes for the bicycle
  2. Swimsuit or trisuit (no wetsuit is allowed)
  3. Large bath towel or bath robe
  4. Swimming goggles (if desired)
  5. Athletic shoes (if desired)
  6. hat (if desired)
  7. sun glasses (if desired)
  8. watch (if desired)

Not allowed:

  1. different swimming cap, form the one given by the organizer of the race   

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125 athletes will participate the event, with strict priority based on the time of registration, regardless of gender. Five rows will be formed on the basis of submission by gender. Additionally to 125 athletes, where the registrations will close, there will be 15 more athletes in que regardless of gender (without submitting money), so that in case of cancellation of a registration, to get the replacement.

A doctor’s certificate indicating the athlete’s good health condition, is mandatory.

Registration Cost:          € 21,5

Athletes Kit-participation:
- TURBO silicone cap
- Technical T-shirt (souvenir)
- Back Pack
- Psichogios Publications Book
- Finish medal

*There is no obligation of the organizer to deliver material after the race. Athletes who register and do not arrive at the starting point are not eligible to receive the Athletes kit after the race, as it concerns athletes who stood in the starting line.

You can register HERE

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Location and Date of Race

The first In Pool TRIathlon is going to take place in the Municipal swimming pool of Haidari in July, 17 & 18, 2021. The Municipality of Haidari, Co-Organizer along with TRIMORE, through this race, emphases on sports in general, sports ideals and the motivation of young people to include sports in their lives, with the In Pool TRIathlon race.


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Health harmonization with the requirements of the General Secretariat of Sports

The organization is fully in line with the requirements of the health protocols of G.C.S..


1. Mask use-applied everywhere and by everyone except the athletes during the race
2. Use of disposable gloves & hand disinfection-applied for the preparation of athletes kit, athlete service procedures, awards etc
3. Preventive confirmed attendance check - all (organizers, volunteers, athletes) attend with max 48 hours molecular (RT-PCR) or antigen test (rapid Antigen test, RAT, self test) max 48 hours for both days of the event. In case of fully vaccinated athletes, no further test is required. 
4. Distance - number of participants 125, in rows of 5 people per 50 minutes and number of volunteers-judges 10 at any time at sufficient distances from each other (min 3 meters in open air and with a mask). Total organization Team (organizers, volunteers, judges) 15 people throughout the space spread out in various posts.
At the end of each row of 5 athletes, they receive a finishing medal and leave without crowding either with each other or with the next row.
At the Secretariat they come 5people / time (not all together) and every 50 minutes, supervised by a volunteer.
5. Awards -winners will receive their own medals at the back drop spot (area for photographs).
6. Spectators - they are allowed to watch from the organized grandstand of the swimming pool, having specially marked the seats that will be allowed so that there is no concentration and with supervision of volunteers.
7. Hand disinfection-devices will be installed in many selected locations of the event and volunteers will have individual packages on them.
8. Case management - immediate isolation, informing people who have been contacted and informing EODI 

 download HERE the form you should fill in and give to the race secretariat 

Results - Awards

There are no age categories, only general categories / gender: women – men.

There will be held 25 qualifying race series of 5 athletes each series. Separate series for women and men.

5 best time results per gender, will give us the two final races for the 1-5 places, where the 5 next best time results per gender, will give us the places 6-10 per gender.

In real time, through a link in the internet, everyone will be able to see the results and ranking of the first 10 women and men.

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In Pool Triathlon

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