Choose your couple wisely!

SwimRun, despite being composed of swimming and running, is unique, exciting and opens up a completely new world to multisport. The world of "together in the very difficult situation"!

It's the sport that requires you to get a new mind set before you even deal with it. Apart from training your body, it requires you to invest a lot in nous (mind) training! Anyone who underestimates this will regret it at the race, without a relief valve, no easy solutions available and in many times painful!

The critical difference of the sport is the decision to race with an equivalent partner/athlete next to you. Tied together, you claim the common effort, the powerful experience, the unforgettable finishing, the indelible emotional charge.

How can you make the right choice for your fellow athlete?

It's not a one-time choice, a partnership in a race and then the end. It is a commitment to a joint effort, including the preparation, but also the equal sharing of the feeling of achieving overcoming in the end!

You will make the choice on your own. But in order to help you do the right choice, we've gathered here the distillation of the experience of those who did it before you:

- Find the person who suits your character. Not the one you can handle easily, the one you can impose on, the one you can blame for an unfavorable result.

- Athletes at equal level in both sports, can have a very good result. Experience has shown that the ideal pair emerge from a couple of athletes of equal skills, with the one having slight lead in swimming and the other in running. In this case, the one encourages the other in each phase and finally, they achieve a higher score as a pair than expected on a basis on a combination of individual performance (if they had done it individually and calculated the average).

- Find your partner long before the race and set a training plan. Common trainings make the couple develop together, both in practice and in character matching.

- Set your goal. Specific, measurable, achievable. Talk together about it. Find strength, visualize yourself succeeding! These experiences are useful when retracted at the time of the final attempt on the race.

- Commit to the goal and the joint effort. The sirens will be many along the way and you have to honor your choice (sponsors, other suggestions, third-party words, etc.).

- Don't commit to more than one race. This commitment is more likely to fail than those of re-engagement upon achievement. It won’t help you during the race efforts to have in mind a further commitment.

- Focus on the goal. Training and mentally.

- Experience it to the fullest.

- After the race consider this a joint achievement and not as an individual success, even if the one of you has a sponsor, or you are  determined not to continue with this particular fellow athlete, or the other’s performance was not as expected and made it difficult for you.

- Before you decide whether you will continue this effort together, solve all the problems that came up during the preparation period and the race. Take advantage of the asset gained.

- Many strong friendships have been born through such experiences!


TRIMORE can help you find your team mate, and together to live the SWIMRUN Hydra experience!

send us your info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll contact you A.S.A.P.

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