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If you had the opportunity to envision the environment in which you would be called to exist, to function and to create after a great crisis, you would certainly had more time to manage - spiritually and psychologically - more effectively the inevitable change and better prepared to take over action!

While most people waste a lot of time on fatalism and just expect a return to "normalcy" (previous situation), some, but few, rise above and try to see the big picture. To realize the real magnitude of the situation, the open escape routes and see the next day with themselves inside it!

The unprecedented situation experienced by the entire human population of the planet in the beginning of 2020, undoubtedly created a global shock. But no shock really lasts more than 48 hours. The human body quickly finds a way to recover. And after doing so, seeks ways and means to survive in the new conditions.

The current health crisis has created an unprecedented condition for humanity. It created fear, suspicion, anxiety, doubt, mourning, but, for the first time in a globalized / connected environment, this situation spread everywhere.

Unfortunately, we have mourned many human losses and that hasn’t come to an end. That was not the first, but at the same time it will not be the last such threat to the human population. But it is in our nature - and here we have to obey it - to learn to live with these threats, to shield ourselves and to evolve.

As in previous crises, a way out of the psychological burden is the escape to nature and exercise. This reaction seems to be a natural defense of the human species, which on the verge of depression and misery, prefers to do something rather than succumb. According to a study published in "The Lancet Public Health" on the effects of the crisis after 2008, Greece mourned an additional 3,000 people each year of the economic crisis (https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanpub/article/ PIIS2468-2667 (16) 30018-4 / fulltext). In any case, one should consider the involuntarily positive contribution of mass sports, which was triggered by the crisis and developed rapidly.

This has helped reduce the incidence of depression. One could make the relevant calculations for the effects on human lives that are coming to Greece and now worldwide, from the inevitable economic crisis, in a multiple size, that will follow the current health crisis. In fact, having completely demolished the edifice of organized mass sports (at least 5 months without sporting events and races), it is now clear that there is an urgent need for initiatives from both the official state bodies (Ministries, General Secretariats, Federations, Municipalities, Regions, etc.), as well as from the private initiative, i.e. organizers and sponsors.

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Representing the side of the organizers and working closely with companies and organizations that finance these sporting events, we assimilate the new state of our common role which is Social Responsibility through the contribution to the society’s reorganization.

Sporting and entertainment events must restart (of course with new rules and safety standards), because they are the healthy relief of people's problems, the claim of life, effort, recognition, transcendence and victory, the reconnection of people and a way to create unforgettable experiences. All these are components of spiritual and mental balance and bliss.

It is noteworthy that thousands of athletes, that were participating in all these sporting events, meet social recognition and new self-determination through their achievements in these sports, have learned to set goals, train for themselves, and to communicate their successes. They make new friends and meet groups of people to train together and participate together competitions, developing relationships and getting socialized in this way.

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So, in addition to the classic “branding” and / or “experience” communication of products and services that a company / organization usually seeks through its sponsorships, it is now acquired to have an honorary role of contributing to the reorganization of mass sports as well as sports tourism.

According to their Corporate Social Responsibility, businesses / organizations, with the same responsibility that contributed at the peak of the crisis (donations, benefits, etc.), contribute through sponsorships, indirectly now, to the return of enthusiasm to sporting efforts.

However, words are not enough, so we have taken action. With prudence and optimism, we designed a new health framework regarding our events. We submitted it for consultation to the various mass sports forums, the media, as well as the General Secretariat of Sports, in order to contribute to its work and we plan to implement it to our events, starting in September in Rethymno.

At the same time, we have put this framework at the disposal of other organizers, so that together we can see the future, because together we build what tomorrow will be the "existing situation" and it must continue to excite us.

Today, we call on the companies / organizations that see the vision with us to stand by our efforts with a role that will make us all proud, stating that together we will find a way to reverse the situation and overcome all obstacles

Finally, we will then call on the media to also look at mass sports through the new prism (offering to people and society) and to upgrade the communication of this sport, as it happens with championships and professional sports.


Constantinos Mitropapas

Director of TRIMORE - XTERRA Greece - ISOMAN Hellas

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