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6th OCEANMAN Greece | Chania - Crete 2024

We are Open Water Swimming


OCEANMAN is the first and largest international Open Water swimming race and a World Championship. Designed by swimmers for swimmers, the project started in 2015 and has been growing ever since around the world With numerous races every year on every continent, OCEANMAN is much more than just an experience. It is the opportunity to participate in something bigger than oneself, to push one's limits and to find oneself at the origin of everything, the sea.

OCEANMAN is not just a race, it is a community of people/athletes, a way of life. That is why we seek to be close to the swimmers and offer them a contemporary title/reward for personal success, which represent their enthusiasm for sport living and the sea. We envision becoming the favorite brand of all swimmers in the world.

OCEANMAN Greece, started in 2017 a wonderful journey to put Greece on the Visual field/calendar of swimmers around the world and today we propose Chania, Crete as the location that will excite and delight every existing and/or budding OCEANMAN, of every swimming level and age. A rich sporting, recreational and cultural experience with the flavor and colors of Chania.

Details of the race and the schedule of the races/events can be found at

Registration is available here: https://www.rockthesport.com/en/event/oceanmanchania2024


For your participation in the race, it is necessary to show an Athlete's Card or a Medical Certificate from a cardiologist / pathologist

You can download a medical certificate example here

Please download here, the Parents’ written consent for children participation

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Find your teammates for relay

We could contribute to the search for teammates to run the 3 x 0.75k relay with 2 other swimmers.

Please send us your interest here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


History of OCEANMAN Greece

OCEANMAN Greece was started by Armandos Linardos (Race Director) in 2017, in the region of East Mani called Limeni - Oitylo.

From the first year the event showed its dynamism, gathering hundreds of Open Water swimmers from Greece and around the world. The event was loved by the global swimming community and in 2019 it reached 1,000 participants from dozens of countries, from all continents of the world, giving the host region a great tourist development, offering a unique location for a tourism sport experience.

After the interruption in 2020 due to the Health Crisis, it came back in 2021, attempting to regain the lost ground, while in 2022, with Armandos always at the managing steering (Race Director), IQ Sports undertook to give a big boost to the event, even taking over in November of the same year, to organize in Rethymno - Crete, the finals of the OCEANMAN World Final Championship.

After a second absence in 2023, OCEANMAN Greece returns, reconstituted by TRIMORE Sport Events, with OCEANMAN Greece | Chania - Crete 2024, the 6th national event (apart from the final), putting Crete and specifically Chania at the centre of the global Open Water swimming scene and interest, aspiring to become the race that no Open Water swimmer should not have experienced.



This post will publish the results of OCEANMAN Greece | Chania - Crete 2024


The Location

The event is hosted in Chania, Crete. A special region of Hellas (Greece), a different world, full of history, tradition, culture, tastes, sights and flavors.

In addition to the city hosting OCEANMAN Greece | Chania - Crete, it is worth visiting: https://www.chania-citizen-guide.gr/en/category/sights-en/




Multimedia Material

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Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are the heart of an event/race.

Come and join us, on the side of the host of the event OCEANMAN Greece | Chania - Crete, to live together the special experience we will offer to the athletes and their companions.

Register now: https://trimore.gr/en/join-now-as-volunteer5


Contact us

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