Event Date XTERRA GREECE 2025


XTERRA Greece | Vouliagmeni - Swim Course

Full Distance: 2 loops of 750m

Sprint Distance: 1 loop of 750m

20251 Swimmin Plan with Support Team

Beach Map1

TZ Elite Athletes

TZ Age Group Athletes

XTERRA Greece | Vouliagmeni - Bike Course

Full Distance: 2 loops of 15km

Sprint Distance: 1 loop of 15km

Bike 1



XTERRA Greece | Vouliagmeni - Run Course

Full Distance Total Climb: 330m – 2 loops of 5k

Sprint Distance Total Climb: 202m – 1 loop of 5k

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Run 1
Run 2


The following map shows the cycling (blue color) and running (red color) traffic,so that the points of common movement can be perceived,therefore increased attention!

20251 Beach Plan with Volunteers

Detailed description of rules, specifications and race details!

Introduction - A few words about XTERRA

The XTERRA Off Road Triathlon Championship is part of the XTERRA Planet European Tour. Like all other European and other continental races, they host the championship for professional athletes (Elite/PRO) who compete in a separate race sequence of their own, in which they compete for country and continental titles and prize money, and also compete in the Hawaii finals held at the end of each year in Maui to determine the world champion of each gender. The Triathlon distance of the finals is the Full Distance: 1.5k swim | 30k mountain bike | 10k mountain run.

At the same time, in the Hawaii finals, athletes in the same race and always in the Full Distance, athletes of age groups, who win their qualification (Slot), compete in the national qualification races, one of which is the XTERRA Greece Off Road Championship. The age groups are: 15-19 | 20-24 | 25-29 | 30-34 | 35-39 | 40-44 | 45-49 | 50-54 | 55-59 | 60-64 | 65-69 | 70-74. In this category (age groups) it is possible to compete athletes of all levels, even beginners.

Particularly for beginners, however, but also for the development of Off Road Triathlon, the Sprint distance has been created: 0.75k swim | 15k mountain bike | 5k mountain run. The relays that can be formed by 2 or 3 athletes and the Cross Aquathlon which also takes place over two distances: Full Distance 1.5k swim | 10k mountain run and Sprint Distance 0.75k swim | 5k mountain run are options for athletes attempting to join the ranks of XTERRA Spirit.

Race details - XTERRA Greece Off Road TRIathlon

The race takes place in the Athletes Village at the Vouliagmeni plaza and apart from the swimming that takes place in the bay in front of the plaza, it extends to the mountainous area of South Hymettus, just above Vouliagmeni and Varkiza and a small part of the town of Vouliagmeni.

All athletes are required to pick up their athletes kit with all the necessary items from the secretariat of the organization that operates during the hours announced on the site (schedule) in the previous days and until the Race Brief, which is held the afternoon before the race, according to the schedule and is strictly mandatory for the athletes to attend.

The transition zone opens at 07:00 on the day of the race and remains open for the placement of bikes until 08:30 for Full distance and 09:15 for Sprint Distance. For an athlete with a bike to enter the zone, a check is carried out by the event judge (bike, bike bib number, bracelet, helmet, stickers, tattoo). The judge has the right to ban an athlete if something is not as it should be (e.g. defective helmet). Relay cyclists must be within the transition zone at the start of the swim or they will not be allowed to enter. Runners in the relays must enter by 10:30 Full distance or 10:15 Sprint distance. Only one athlete entry is allowed, no exits, and no bike exits until the end of the race except for the bike leg from the transition zone exit.

Each athlete must have his/her space in the transition zone tidy and his/her belongings in the special basket under his/her bike. His position is defined by his number, which is also applied to his basket. Bicycles must be properly positioned in the rack so that they do not stick out and obstruct. Leaving the transition area for the start, all the athlete's belongings must be inside his/her basket or applied on the bike (helmet, spd, etc.).

Technical assistance bikes will be available to athletes throughout the duration from 07:00 - 08:30 when the transition zone will be closed, while at the entrance of the transition zone they will find water for their canteens.

Before the start, all athletes must be at the beach at least 15 minutes before the start for the technical briefing (Race brief). Starts will be held separately for Elite/PRO athletes (2 minutes early, men - women together) and age groupers (men - women together). Athletes should choose their positions in good time, not be pushed and wait in a straight line where indicated.

The start, which may be given at any time, will be preceded by the command "take your marks". The Race Director will then give the start with the horn and/or siren.

After the start of the Elite/PRO athletes (09:00) and the age groupers of the Full distance (09:02), the start of the Sprint distance (10:50) will take place.

It is the responsibility of each athlete to know their route and the lap they are running (for Full distance).

The athlete has the right to wear a wetsuit without this classifying him/her in any other category. The wetsuit is prohibited if the sea temperature is above 24.9°C and is mandatory if it is below 18°C.

When swimming, the distance to the first buoy is 200m.

The use of the event cap is compulsory, as well as the application of the tattoo with the unique number on the arm or in this position on the uniform.

No flippers, handbags, barrels, snorkels, in-ear music equipment or other auxiliary equipment are permitted, and any such violation and/or failure to pass an outside buoy will result in cancellation without warning.

Exiting the water, athletes shall pass under the arch and run along the marked route and enter the transition zone to find their bicycle. On this route they will also find water in a bottle, if they wish, to refresh themselves.

They must place all water equipment inside their basket (wetsuit, cap, goggles) so that it does not obstruct the passage of other athletes. The athlete must apply the elasticated belt with the bib number (back number on the cycling leg) and their helmet well before starting to move towards the exit of the transition zone. Within the transition zone, the athlete is prohibited from riding their bike, and shall ride it by hand walking or running to the special position immediately after exiting the transition zone where they can ride it. Any violation of these regulations shall incur a 2' penalty which may be cancelled if more than one violation or repeatedly.

The relay cyclist, wearing his/her helmet and bib number belt, waits in the bike position to receive the timing chip and start running the bike to the position he/she will ride to just outside the transition zone.

The bike course is Rolling with a few technical points.

When leaving the plaza, athletes are asked to pass through an underpass, but this is used for all crossings (bike - run) and needs special attention. It is recommended by the organization, at the steps of descent as well as ascent, athletes should not ride the bike but carry it with care, to avoid entanglement or causing an accident.

There will be a refreshment station at 15km with water, electrolytes, banana. Garbage should be dumped only at the beginning or end of each station so that volunteers can easily take care of the clean up. A 2' fine will be imposed on violators.

There is no Technical Assistance Station, only intervention by the special team for health reasons.

No outside assistance is allowed with penalty of cancellation of the athlete receiving it, unless it is from a teammate. As an exception, assistance could be accepted that does not give the athlete an advantage and demonstrably safeguards his/her health. In any such case, the athlete must self-declare it to the organization, document the non-advantage, and the organization reserves the right to decide whether to accept the justification or to disqualify the athlete.

At any time an athlete needs medical or other assistance related to his/her safety, leaving the race, he/she asks for help from the event's safety crew.

Only MTB bicycles with 25", 26", 27.5" or 29" wheels are allowed, and the use of helmets is compulsory throughout the entire bike course. Any offender will be disqualified.

Drafting is allowed for all athletes, with special care during overtaking. Priority is given to the fast (those gaining a turn), and overtaking from the left must be done by shouting "on your left" as a warning.

Music/audio devices are prohibited in the cycling leg as well as throughout the race with penalty of disqualification for violators.

The bike bib number must remain on the handlebars of the bike throughout the race in such a way that the number can be seen from the front, and the elastic band must be turned around so that the number on it can be seen from the back. Penalty of 2' for offenders.

If an athlete is confirmed to have avoided passing through the appropriate route and designated route, he/she will receive a minimum of 2' penalty and depending on the offence may be disqualified by the organisation. It is the athlete's responsibility to know the route set by the race.

Upon completion of the cycling leg, the athletes approaching the entrance to the transition zone, get off the bike and, holding it in hand, carefully ride to their position.

The helmet is removed after the bike is placed in the rack and placed in the basket along with the spd.

The athlete puts on the running shoes, turns the elastic band so that the number is now visible from the front and after getting ready, starts his run.

Relay athletes, wait at the bike position for their teammate, receive the timing chip and the elastic band which they place so that the number is visible from the front and start their team's run.

On the run (9.8k for the Full distance or 6.2k for the Sprint distance), athletes will find water and bananas as refueling at the 1st and 4.2k. Trash should only be disposed of at the beginning or end of each station so that volunteers can easily take care of cleanup. A 2' penalty will be imposed on violators, and repetition will result in cancellation.

There is no Technical Assistance Station, only intervention by the special team for health reasons.

The bib numbers of the athletes in the elastic belt, should be visible from the front throughout their race, with a 2' penalty for violators or cancellation if they finish without the number in the correct position so that it is visible at the finish for any objections. Music/audio devices are prohibited with penalty of cancellation for violators.

If an athlete is confirmed to have avoided the appropriate course and designated route, they will receive a minimum 2' penalty and depending on the infraction may be cancelled by the organization. It is the athlete's responsibility to know the route set by the race.

Swimming or cycling relay athletes must wait for their runner 150 meters before the finish line in order to finish together as a team. Finish medals are given only at the finish line and not afterwards.

Upon crossing the finish line, athletes receive a finish medal and water and then enter a special recovery/rehabilitation, medical care and snack zone. Athletes exiting this area are not allowed to re-enter. The timing chips are not handed over at the finish line and are kept because only by handing it over the athlete will receive his/her bike.

Pick up of bikes after the race takes place after 12:30 unless otherwise announced by the organizer via microphone. Only with the timing chip and the demonstration of the athlete's bracelet - tattoo (with number) the bikes are delivered to the athlete himself and not to his representatives.

The athletes' times and positions will be available in a special place on the internet and athletes must check and submit any objections after the completion of the race (last finish), directly to the timekeeper. No objections will be accepted after 15:00 in order to prepare for the awards ceremony which will take place in the afternoon at 19:15.


XTERRA Greece | Vouliagmeni

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