XTERRA Greece Championship | Vouliagmeni | Athens | HELLAS (Greece)

Event’s Date for 2022:  April 15-17 

16th April: Off Road Triathlon - Cross Aquathlon

17th April: Open Water Swimming 1k | Sprint Challenge 0,2k  

The top international XTERRA Off Road Triathlon Championship event comes in Greece, in 2013 at Lake Plastira.

This exceptional part of Greece hosted the first three events (2013, 2014, 2015) and in 2016 the event, having grown up and gained strong standing on the international scene, moved to Vouliagmeni. The municipality of Vari – Voula – Vouliagmeni, hosts at the Athenian Riviera (Vouliagmeni Beach) the event, which grows every year and is now one of the favorite destinations of the World Off Road Triathlon athletes.


A unique sports adventure, the XTERRA combines dynamic swimming with mountain biking and mountain of road running. The mountain terrain, in South Hymettus above Varkiza and Vouliagmeni, consists of routes designed with a love of nature and sports, medium to high difficulty and in such a way that top professional athletes, complete the long distance in about two hours and 30 minutes. At the same time, of course, it is an ideal terrain for anyone to start the of road triathlon, as it enables the athlete who will not move at high speeds, to stay safe all the way.  In general - as it occurs to Triathlon - swimming is 10% of the total race time, 65% for mountain biking, and 25% for running.  It all started for XTERRA with the first race in 1996 in Maui, Hawaii, where the Triathlon was first tested in its mountainous at its most demanding version.

Today, more than 240 XTERRA races take place in more than 29 countries around the world (World Tour) in 5 Continents, including 17 in Europe (European Tour) and 22 in the United States (considered one of 29). All events allow top-performing athletes to get the ticket for the XTERRA World Championship held each year at the end of the year in Maui, Hawaii.

In Greece, sprint races are also been held (half the distance to Full XTERRA) as well as Cross Aquathlon children's races, with the aim of developing the sport and motivate more young athletes to love the race. The sport enables athletes to compete in relays, in both distances, with the aim of providing the opportunity to take part in individual Triathlon sports. At the same time, a field training program is being implemented in the last months before the annual event, with the aim of hatching Off Road Triathletes, to acclimatize to real race conditions by older and more experienced athletes.


Full Distance 
Typical full distance is 1.5 km of dynamic swimming (
running while starting in the sand and turning for the second loop), 30 km of mountain biking and 10 km of mountain off road running.

Sprint Distance 
Sprint Distance is:  750m. of dynamic swimming, 15km mountain biking and  5km mountain off road running.


The Cross Aquathlon takes place simultaneously with the Off Road Triathlon, so an athlete cannot register for both

Full Distance: 1.5 km dynamic swimming (running while starting in the sand and turning for the second loop)and 10 km of mountain running.

Sprint Distance: 750 meters dynamic swimming and 5km of mountain running.

Open Water Swimming Challenge

1.000 meters
It is a unique swimming experience that will fascinate offshore swimmers. They are to move initially pericular to the shore for 200 meters and then passing through the "door" of two buoys, swim externally and according to the movement of the clock of a buoy arrangement completing a cycle of 1k.
200 meters sprint: in rows of 20 athletes
The swimmers are going to be a series of 20 people (men - women separately but without age categories) starting from a straight line
parallel to the shore and swimming 200 meters until they exit the sea and pass under the arch at the beach.
At the end of all rows, the 40 fastest men and the 40 fastest women w
ill compete in two rows of 20 swimmers randomly, in the semifinals.
The 10 fastest men and women, will compete again in the mixed finals
that will bring out the winners of men's and women's general category

XTERRA: True, Authentic, Sportive
XTERRA's motto is "Live More" by encouraging people of all ages, genders and athletic background to try, enjoy, engage, interact with nature and explore it, get to know people with common interests, to compete with respect and noble starches, to stay active with sports, to have fun!

Mother Nature is your only “Opponent”
Although some of the best triathletes, mountain bikers, racers and adventure athletes around the world are racing at XTERRA, the races are not just for them! XTERRA is for everyone!

XTERRA is identified with the idea of ​​team playing, companionship, adventure, and promoting a healthy and dynamic / active lifestyle

in the XTERRA races, apart from individual athletes, one can also compete in a relay team consisting of 2-3 athletes / athletes. This enables a group of friends, colleagues, athletes, teams, associations, companies, etc. to participate in a leading event, and to experience a unique experience in an organized, safe and highly enjoyable environment!

XTERRA Greece Championship

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